Friday, January 10, 2020

My tips for Doctors who are about to sit their OSCE exams

MINDSET... get it right.

1 Wear your normal clinic clothes to be in the “same clinical mindset”. Bring your own tools including stethoscope.  (Was told that only stethoscope is allowed now so check).  Note.... Watches are not allowed.

2 You are NOT an exam candidate.

You ARE the Doctor and in front of you are sometimes difficult patients and not difficult examiners. Stay in the role.

3 The day will be easier than your normal clinic day because everything will run on time. There will be no fit ins. No emergency cases. No phone calls. So it’s easier than your normal day.

4 Use your 3mins well. Have a structure. Remember what is asked of you ie management, examination, short case or long case.

5 When stuck, stay in the role and do a bit of summary to get you back to the rhythm.

“So I am a bit confused can you clarify that for me  again”.

Have some “lifelines” phrases to use rather than simply freeze.

If you don’t know... maybe consider “I don’t know about that but I will find out. Also, it’s important in medicine that when we don’t know something, it’s important to know what is not. And I don’t think it is this, this and this.” And roll from there.

6 and as my teacher always use to say, remember to take your brain with you.

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