Saturday, December 1, 2012

MCQ on calcium supplement- Single best answer

A 55 yo post menopausal woman without osteoporosis presents to you seeking advice regarding taking calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis.  She has treated hypertension, hypercholerolaemia, and is a heavy smoker.  You will advise her to

A.  Take Calcium Carbonate supplement daily
B.  Take Calcium Citrate supplement daily
C.  Start HRT if she has not done so already
D.  Advised her to maintain a dietary calcium intake of 1200mg a day
E.  None of the above

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Copyright written by Dr Vin
Reference:  RACGP red book 8th Edition.  Guidelines for preventative activities in General Practice.


  1. Ans- D. There has been recent studies that have linked calcium supplements to an increased risk of MI. Although the studies have been controversial, it still represent the best available evidence and hence, one needs to take this into consideration. Dietary calcium intake of 1200mg a day is probably the "best" option.

  2. D in view of post menopausal age, and the fact that she is not on hrt, absorption of calcium in the gut is not at optimum. Hence a dosage of 1-1.5gm per day is needed

    1. Would you prescribe tablet supplement and if so, which type?