Friday, December 14, 2012

Extended Matching Questions - Weight loss (Level of difficulty=EASY)

This is an easy one and probably not very representative of the level in the exam according to one of my sources . Unfortunately, I have not been formally trained to write multiple choice questions for the RACGP.  It is certainly more difficult than I thought.  However, it may still have some value as it can at least give us some idea of "What is an extended matching question?".  Will try and write some more difficult ones down the track.  If you like to give us feedback on our questions, good or bad, please do so in the comment section or email me.  The main aim is to learn, teach and help each other.  I will also try to get RACGP to give us some sample questions if possible.

TOPIC:  Weight Loss

A.  Hyperthyroidism
B.  Eating disorder
C.  Celiac
D.  Bowel cancer
E.  Hepatocellular carcinoma
F.  Leukaemia
G.  Pyloric stenosis
H.  Depression
I.  Anxiety
K.  Ulcerative colitis/Inflammatory bowel disease
L.  Growth hormone deficiency
M.  Poor oral intake
N.  Lactose intolerance
O.  Viral gastroenteritis
P.  Cow's milk protein allergy
Q.  Cystic fibrosis
R.  Gastroesophageal reflux

For the following patients with weight loss, select the MOST likely diagnosis from the list above.

1  A 70 year old male presented with newly onset alternating diarrhea and constipation with intermittent PR bleeding for the last 6months.  There is no known family history of bowel cancer.

Answer:  ________

2  An 1yo girl is brought in to see you by her mother for intermittent diarrhea and bloating for the last 6months.  You have also noted a significant drop in her percentile weight chart from 90 percentile to now 10 percentile since 6months old.

Answer:  ________

3  A 15yo girl was brought in by her mother with significant concerns over her weight loss.  Her BMI has dropped from 25 to 18 over a period of 12months.   She is a straight "A" student and has an "anxious" personality.

Answer:  ________

4  A mother brought in her 6 wks old boy with progressive worsening of his vomitting after feeds.  The vomitting can be quite forceful.  The child is more irritible and seems hungry after feeds.

Answer:  ________

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Written by Dr Vin 2012
Reference Assessing general practice knowledge base - The applied knowledge test by Joachim Sturmberg.